Creative Ways to Reuse Your Packing Supplies

Keeping your belongings safe during a move often requires investing in some packing supplies. If you are planning to spend money on packing supplies for an upcoming move, finding some ways to get additional use out of these supplies can be a great way to offset the cost of your investment.

Here are three creative ways to reuse packing supplies around your new home once your move is complete.

1. Keep your new garden weed free with moving boxes.

Having fresh vegetables and bright flowers growing in your yard can make your new house feel more like home. To take advantage of the aesthetic and nutritional benefits a garden can provide without having to worry about the hassle of pulling weeds, all you need are a few of your old moving boxes.

Break the boxes down so that they are lying flat, and then bury them under the topsoil in your garden. Weeds will not be able to grow through the cardboard barrier, and the boxes will help regulate the moisture being distributed to your plants.

2. Entertain your family with some bubble wrap.

Keeping delicate items safe during a move is made easier with the help of bubble wrap. Once your move is complete, you can easily turn your bubble wrap into a game for the whole family to enjoy.

Grab green, yellow, and red markers and begin to randomly color each air-filled bubble a different color. Assign five points to the green bubbles, one point to the yellow, and a negative point to the red. Lay out two sheets of bubble wrap and time family members as they try to amass as many points as possible by popping the bubbles before time runs out. Your bubble wrap will provide hours of family entertainment.

3. Turn your packing paper into sewing patterns.

If you like to sew, then you know how expensive pattern paper from your local craft store can be. The durability of packing paper makes it an excellent substitute for pattern paper when you are sewing.

Be sure that you are able to replicate your favorite designs by using leftover packing paper from your move to create durable and user-friendly pattern pieces.

Finding ways to give new life to your packing supplies doesn't have to be challenging. By using moving boxes as weed barriers, bubble wrap to create an interactive game, and packing paper to craft sewing pattern pieces, you ensure that your packing supplies get more than one use.