How To Store Asphalt Shingles Safely

If you have some asphalt roofing shingles you are not planning to use immediately, you need to be careful with their storage. Asphalt shingles may look strong, but this is only the case once they are installed on the roof. Here are a few storage tips to ensure your asphalt shingles survive storage:

The Storage Surface Needs To Be Flat

Asphalt shingles should be stored and stored on flat surfaces. In fact, you should store them in unopened bundles because manufacturers ensure they are packed flat. Storing shingles on uneven surfaces increases their risk of damages; shingles are fairly brittle. Even if they don't break, the shingles will take the shape of their storage surface, which may prevent them from lying flush on the roof after installation. That increases the risk of roof damage and also makes the roof susceptible to leaks.

The Temperature Needs To Be Moderate

Both high and low temperatures are not good for stored shingles. High temperatures or direct sunlight will melt the asphalt and make the shingles stick together, increasing the risk of damage during installation when the stuck shingles are pulled apart. Cold temperatures, on the other hand, increase the shingles' brittleness and their risk of breakage. Therefore, avoid both temperature extremes for your asphalt shingles in storage.

The Shingles Should Not Be Rained On

Many people think that shingles are waterproof, but this is only partially true. Shingles on the roof are waterproof partly due to the slope of the roof, which encourages water to run off the roof due to gravity instead of seeping between the shingles. Since you will be storing your shingles on a flat surface, they won't be totally waterproof, and they can be damaged by water. This is why it's not a good idea to keep shingles outdoors where they might be rained upon.

The Storage Area Needs To Be Spacious

Lastly, you should not stack your asphalt shingles too high since that may damage the lower layers. In fact, stacking shingles too high may violate their manufacturer's warranty since it makes them susceptible to damage. You shouldn't place other items on top of the shingles. This means you need a rather spacious place to store your shingles since you need considerable vertical space.

As you can see, storing asphalt shingles is not as easy as you might think. In fact, few people have storage places suitable for storing these shingles at home. Consider using a self-storage facility if you need to store some boxes of asphalt shingles.