Tips For Renting Out A Self-Storage Unit

When you are getting ready to move or if you have a big cleaning project, having self-storage can really help you out. Self-storage is a popular business right now because it is a business that so many people need. It is very likely that you can find a top-quality storage company in your city that can rent you whatever kind of space you need. In this article, you can learn more about finding self-storage and renting out a storage space for your next big project.

Figure out what you need for your project and how much space it will take

It is always best to think in terms of square footage when you are going to rent out a storage unit. You are essentially filling up a small room. Set up a cleaning and packing plan so that the project goes by quickly and with less effort. Jot down items that you intend to store in the facility, and figure out which are fragile, and what packing precautions you will have to take. For some items, you can simply stuff them in a box or keep them upright inside the storage unit. Others will need special equipment or other considerations.

Once you have a list of every item that you need to fill your storage facility with, it gives you a better indication of the unit size you need. To be on the safe side, you should go a little bigger than you think. Choose a storage unit with lots of vertical space so you can stack boxes and containers.

Find a company that can rent you what you need

What kind of rental agreement works best for you? You might be able to lock in better rates if you book a storage unit for the entire year. But if you need flexibility, going month-to-month can be a great option. Compare this with the size of the storage unit you need and start asking companies for prices. It will cost you roughly $60-$225 each month to rent one of these units. Get whatever special features you need as well, such as temperature control and private access.

Take your time when planning out your moving project so that none of your items are broken or misplaced. Choose a setup that is easy to remember so that you have no problem going back and getting your belongings out of boxes, even if it's been a long time since you initially moved into the storage facility.

Use these tips and start talking to some self-storage companies today.