Traveling Long-Term? 3 Storage Tips For The Rest Of Your Belongings

Whether you're hitting the road in an RV or seeing the sights on a round-the-world cruise, long-term travel is a dream come true for many Americans. But that leaves the problem of what to do with the things you leave behind. If you aren't keeping your home intact for the duration, here are three self-storage tips for the most success during your time away.

1. Assign a Caretaker

Self-storage is a great way to increase security and reduce worry when you're not there to watch your stuff. However, you do want someone to have access and regularly check in on your things. 

Give a code and/or key to a trusted friend or family member, asking them to check on the storage unit on a regular basis and report back. Name them as an emergency contact with the storage facility too. 

2. Rent More Space

When choosing storage units, the temptation is often to save money by renting the smallest one that's feasible. 

Keep in mind, though, that you're probably already saving a lot of money by not having a full house or apartment to maintain while you're gone. So take that savings and invest in a storage area with enough space for someone to walk around, to keep things more organized, and to prevent stacking boxes so high that they fall. 

3. Consider Two Units

Have a lot of stuff? If you've cleared out an entire house or apartment, the answer is probably yes. In this case, you may want to rent two (or more) units instead of one large unit. Why?

At the very least, two separate units allow you to spread out and give your caretaker room to work if they need to access anything. However, you might want to use two units to organize items into two categories. Fill one unit, for instance, with things that no one will need access to and one with items that someone may need to get to while you're gone. This could be things like extra or seasonal clothing for your trip, documents, a vehicle, or pet supplies. Those who need these things will thank you for simplifying them. 

Where to Start

The best way to start planning your long-term vacation storage is by touring storage units in your area. Meet with the staff today to learn how they can help you and whomever you ask to watch your things while you head out on the road. 

Reach out to a storage unit facility near you to learn more.